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BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 27, 2014. . . Five time track champion Duane Howard wheeled the Atlas Paving #66 358 Modified to victory in the 30-lap Atlas Paving sponsored NASCAR Whelen 358 Modified feature race at Grandview Speedway on Saturday night. The win was his fifth of the season. In the Pepsi-Bashore One-on-One Modified Challenge Kevin Hirthler was able to top seven time track champion Craig VonDohren in the final challenge to earn $1500. In the 25-lap main event for the BRC Late Models it was young rookie racer Cory Merkel getting his first career victory. And for the tenth time this season point leader Jared Umbenhauer was able to take the top spot in the 25-lap feature for Sportsman.

                The next event on the busy Grandview Speedway schedule is set for Tuesday, July 29th at 7:30 p.m. with the running of the 17th Annual Pioneer Pole Buildings Traffic Jam featuring the Race of Champions Modifieds and 410 Sprint cars. Adult admission is $25.

                Then on Saturday, August 2nd, the NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stock cars are in action along with the Blast from the Past Vintage race cars. The night is sponsored by WNPV-1440 AM Radio of Lansdale and they will be giving two lucky fans 4-packs of tickets for Knoebel’s Amusement Park valued at $160. Racing starts at 7:30 p.m. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. Adult admission is $15 while youngsters 12 and under are admitted free.

 Howard, not happy with the outcome of his efforts during the running of the Bashore/Pepsi Challenge and that lit a fire under the past champion to get out front early in the 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modified feature. The flame never went out until he pulled the Petruska-owned/Atlas Paving No. 66 into the winner’s circle.

The Oley lead foot picked a perfect night to chalk up his fifth win since Atlas Paving was also the race sponsor.

For the third consecutive week WAEB-790AM radio personality Bobby Gunther-Walsh was once again the early race leader, a position he maintained until Don Norris Jr. pulled in front on the 10th lap.

Mike Gular spun between the first and second turns to bring out the 11th lap caution. Gunther-Walsh stormed back into the lead when action resumed, but now Howard was second pressuring him for first.

Howard powered the Morrison Engines/TEO mount into first on the12th lap to take control. Behind him, Gunther-Walsh, Norris Jr., Doug Manmiller and Ray Swinehart dueled for positions.

Manmiller advanced into second at the Dan’s Deli  -way leader mark claimed by Howard and took chase after Howard, who had a slight advantage over the competition.

Howard and rest of the top five that now consisted of Manmiller, Norris Jr., Swinehart and Jeff Strunk encountered heavy lapped traffic by the 22nd lap. Despite being at the back, the lapped cars were racing for positions too.

A green, white, checkered shoot-out was set up when Swinehart, running fourth, hit the first turn infield tire and spun. Swinehart suffered heavy front end damage and had to be towed back to the pits. Kevin Hirthler, who won $1,500 in the Bashore/Pepsi Challenge when he defeated Craig Von Dohren in the final segment pitted with a flat tire along with Tim Buckwalter, last week’s feature winner was also out of action with a flat tire.

On the restart Howard was still the leader and charging towards the front on the outside with a full-head of steam was Frank Cozze. Contact was made between VonDohren and Cozze with Cozze being sidelined slowing drastically in the first turn. Rather than stop on the track with a broken race car, Cozze limped it into the infield and kept the show going. The contact also hindered VonDohren as he began falling off the pace.

Howard kept everyone behind him and collected his 64th career win at the wave of the checkered. Chasing him across the line were Manmiller, Strunk and posting their best finishes of the season were Norris Jr. and Modified rookie Kyle Borror. Sixth through tenth were Nate Christman, Gular, Jon Kellner, VonDohren and Jordan Umbenhauer, who also received the Cargo Trailer certificate.

Borror, Hirthler and Norris Jr. won the heats. The consolation went to Glenn Owens.

In the Bashore/Pepsi Challenge for the Modifieds that paid $100 to the winner of each round, Nate Christman defeated John Willman in the first round while Howard ousted Christman and Strunk in two and three. VonDohren won the next six rounds as he eliminated Howard, Ryan Grim, Cozze, Gular, Umbenhauer and Manmiller. In the final round that paid $1,500 it was Hirthler able to outrun VonDohren.

In the 25-lap NASCAR BRC Late Model feature, rookie racer Cory “Crazy” Merkel finally had a change of luck and ended up at a place he thought he’d never see – victory lane. His dad, Ken, calmed him down earlier and the youngster ran a good race. What probably made him the happiest and the win extra special was he finally defeated his older brother Sean at a sport.

Joe “Geezer” Fanelli took the early lead and set the pace for eight laps before Cory Merkel was able to pass him.

The battle behind C. Merkel consisted of Fanelli, S. Merkel, Kory Fleming and Lou Egrie.

While S. Merkel and Fanelli diced for the runner-up spot this gave C. Merkel some breathing room.

In the later stages S. Merkel, who took over second on lap 15 began reeling his brother in and it was only a matter of time to see if Sean could pass Cory.

Cory overcame an overheating car that caused his visor to steam up making it somewhat difficult, but it was all worth it in the end as he kept the completion at bay and pulled into victory lane. It was a place he said feels “great” to be in for a crowd-pleasing win in which he also picked up the Dan’s Deli  -way leader award. Following the Merkel brothers across the line were Fanelli, Fleming and Randy Stoudt, last week’s feature winner. Dan Green, Wayne Pfeil, Chuck Schutz, Lou Egrie and Jason Miller, the Cargo Trailer product certificate winner, rounded out the top ten.

Heats were won by Lou Egrie Jr. and C. Merkel.

 In the winner’s circle at the conclusion of the 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature was Jared Umbenhauer earning win number 10. Umbenhauer gives a great deal of credit for his success this season to his hard working crew.

Joe Masiado led for three laps with Jason Neidlinger taking over on the fourth circuit.

Behind Neidlinger, Tom Miller, Umbenhauer, Masiado and Mike Lisowski vied for the remaining positions. Umbenhauer charged into second on the ninth lap and began pressuring Neidlinger for the lead.

The lead changed on the 15th lap when Umbenhauer became the new pacesetter in quest of another triumph.

A few laps later left dueling for second through fifth were Neidlinger, Kenny Gilmore, Miller and Brett Kressley.

As the checkered was thrown Umbenhauer claimed his fifth straight victory trailed by Neidlinger, for his season best finish and he also received the Dan’s Deli  -way leader award; Gilmore, Kressley and Miller. Rounding out the top ten were Paul Kline, Joe Funk III, Lisowski, Dean Bachman and Ryan Beltz, Cargo Trailer product certificate recipient.

Masiado, Guy Germano and Tom Miller were the heat winners. The consi was won by Brian Hirthler.


Atlas Paving Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Duane Howard, 2. Doug Manmiller, 3. Jeff Strunk, 4 Don Norris Jr., 5. Kyle Borror, 6. Nate Christman, 7. Mike Gular, 8. Jon Kellner, 9. Craig Von Dohren, 10. Jordan Umbenhauer, 11. Jarrad Miller, 12. Chris Esposito, 13. Bobby Gunther Walsh, 14. Todd Smith, 15. Ryan Grim, 16. Eric Biehn, 17. Brian Houseknecht, 18. Chris Gambler, 19. Glenn Owens, 20. Frank Cozze, 21. Ray Swinehart, 22. Tim Buckwalter, 23. Kevin Hirthler, 24. Tommy Scheetz III, 25. Terry Meitzler, 26. John Willman, 27. Mike Kellner, 28. Ron Seltmann Jr. DNQ: Kevin Hartnett, Mike Laise.

Atlas Paving BRC Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Cory Merkel, 2. Sean Merkel, 3. Joe Fanelli, 4. Kory Fleming, 5. Randy Stoudt, 6. Dan Green, 7. Wayne Pfeil, 8. Chuck Schutz, 9. Lou Egrie, 10. Jason Miller, 11. Bill Henning, 12. John Giesler, 13. Rick Todorow, 14. Buddy Mertz, 15. Lou Egrie Jr. DNS: Steve Wilson.

Atlas Paving Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Jared Umbenhauer, 2. Jason Neidlinger, 3. Kenny Gilmore, 4. Brett Kressley, 5. Tom Miller, 6. Paul Kline, 7. Joe Funk III, 8. Mike Lisowski, 9. Dean Bachman, 10. Ryan Beltz, 11. Erik Renninger, 12. Brian Hirthler, 13. Brett Gilmore, 14. Jordan Henn, 15. Craig Whitmoyer, 16. Jim Housworth, 17. Joe Masiado, 18. Sean Weiss, 19. Ryan Lilick, 20. Ken Eckert, 21. Doug Snyder, 22. Kevin Dries, 23. Guy Germano, 24. Lex Shive. DNQ: Jamie Undercoffler, Gene Garman, Mark Behm, Brandon Whitmoyer, Steve Warner.

                Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and


BECHTELSVILLE, PA JULY 23, 2014 . . . One of the most popular events of the season for the NASCAR 358 Modifieds is the Pepsi-Bashore Challenge which features the top ten in the NASCAR Modified point standings racing one-on-one until just one, the winner, remains and takes home the top prize of $1,500. Each winner of a one-on-one challenge receives $100 so a driver winning several challenges can really add to the payout.

                This event gets the fans involved as they cheer on their favorite in the one-on-one high speed action that will be part of the Saturday, July 26th events which have a 7:30 p.m. starting time.

                Atlas Paving Corporation of Wayne, NJ will sponsor the night, another first time sponsor, which will feature the NASCAR Whelen 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stock cars in action.

                Fans will be anxious to see if Jared Umbenhauer can increase his win total in the Sportsman division to ten, can Randy Stoudt add another Late Model win to his career record of 60 and will Jeff Strunk move closer to winning his 10th NASCAR championship in the Modified division as Craig VonDohren and Duane Howard continue to challenge him.

                Again this Saturday fans will have the opportunity to win tickets for NASCAR races at Pocono Raceway during the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd. That weekend is topped off by the 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Tickets are courtesy of WNPV-1440 AM Radio of Lansdale and Pocono Raceway.

                Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. and that is the same time that the Low Down and Dirty Internet Radio show sponsored Meet and Greet takes place at the main gate area. Featured in the Meet and Greet this week will be fan favorite Modified racer Duane Howard along with father and son Late Model racers Lou Egrie Sr. and Jr.

                Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters 12 and under are admitted free. There is free parking available on the speedway grounds. Active military are admitted FREE with proper ID.

                Coming up on Tuesday, July 29th, 7:30 p.m. is the 17th annual Pioneer Pole Buildings Traffic Jam Race of Champions Modified and 410 Sprint doubleheader. Adult admission for this event is $25.

                And on Saturday, August 2nd, 7:30 p.m. WNPV-1440 AM Radio of Lansdale, a big supporter of racing at Grandview, will sponsor the night of NASCAR stock car racing action which will feature the 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stock cars along with the Blast from the Past Vintage Cars.

                Fans who miss the Saturday night action can get a rundown of what happened at Grandview at 8:15 a.m. on Monday mornings on WNPV-1440 AM when track public relations director Ernie Saxton gives a recap of the Saturday action. WNPV is the area NASCAR station.

Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and To be alerted on rainouts link up to



NASCAR 358 Modifieds

1.       Jeff Strunk, 623

2.       Duane Howard, 609

3.       Craig VonDohren, 598

4.       Doug Manmiller, 584

5.       Frank Cozze, 516

NASCAR Sportsman

1.       Jared Umbenhauer, 688

2.       Brett Kressley, 569

3.       Kenny Gilmore, 505

4.       Brian Hirthler, 500

5.       Craig Whitmoyer, 417

OAKS, PA July 23, 2014 . . .  The Pioneer Pole Buildings Motorsports 2015 fueled by Sunoco Race Fuels and Distributed by Insinger Performance Race Car and Trade Show will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Friday, January 23 thru Sunday, January, 25th.

“It seems just like yesterday when we kicked off this show,” said show producer Len Sammons who has confirmed the events traditional date once again at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

“The first Motorsports show took place just up the road in Valley Forge," Sammons recalled. "The 30 years went fast and wow has the show grown. We are planning a big three day celebration, a party for our 2015 event. We are very excited to have Pioneer, Sunoco, Insinger and Miller Beer all return to be part of what we feel will be one of the biggest show we have ever produced.”

All exhibitors from the 2014 edition of the show should have already received the new show brochure which reflects an exciting new floor plan that offers expanded space and a new design that will offer more room for interactive displays. The stage has been moved out of D-Hall into its own room. Other changes have been made to create a more consistent traffic flow throughout the main exhibit area.

The 2014 exhibitors have until July 31, 2014 to reserve the same display space or even increase their space for Motorsports 2015. Space reservations for past exhibitors must include a 25% deposit with the booth order. Past exhibitors that have had their past booth location impacted by the new floor layout or would like to change their display location should be in touch with Tim Hogue as soon as possible so that every effort can be made to accommodate that request.

After August 1st all space not reserved will be open to all.

“We are in the process of putting together some exciting plans for the 30th Anniversary,” said Sammons. “We will be making many announcements regarding plans for the show in the future.”

For those who have not been exhibitors or have missed a year or two the beautiful new show brochure is available along with a show floor plan by contacting Danny Sammons or Tim Hogue at 609.888.3618. They can also be reached at or

The very classy Crowne Plaza Valley Forge will serve as the host hotel and will again offer a discounted rate of $89 per night (plus taxes). The hotel is located just 7.5 miles from the Expo Center and is within walking distance of the popular King of Prussia Mall, the nation’s second largest retail complex with over 350 stores and close to 100 restaurants.

Again, for the 30th Anniversary, the Saturday night post show will continue and will be held in one of the large ballrooms at the hotel with music by DJ Sound and Lighting and bar specials from show sponsor Miller Lite.

 For information on the show check in at

BECHTELSVILLE, PA. July 20, 2014 . . .  Tim Buckwalter, an ARDC midget racing standout has won several midget features at Grandview Speedway, but he had never won a 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series 358 Modified feature until Saturday night in the activities sponsored by Hatfield Quality Meats and televised by RCN-TV 4. Point leader Randy Stoudt topped the field in the 25-lap BRC Late Model feature race while Jared Umbenhauer continued his record setting pace winning the 25-lap Sportsman feature race for his ninth win of the season.

                NASCAR stock car racing returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday, July 26th with the Atlas Paving Co. Night featuring the Pepsi-Bashore Challenge, one on one Modified racing, along with the regular NASCAR 358 Modified, BRC Late Model and Sportsman racing action at 7:30 p.m. When spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. fans are invited to the weekly Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet featuring Modified standout Duane Howard along with father and son Late Model racers Lou Egrie Sr.& Jr. Again this week fans will have the opportunity to win tickets to NASCAR racing events at Pocono Raceway on August 2nd and 3rd which will feature the GoBowling 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Tickets are courtesy of WNPV-1440 AM radio and Pocono Raceway.

Buckwalter, the 2013 Modified rookie, teamed up with Jerry and Linda Rogue for the season to drive their No. 22. Several weeks ago after the car was destroyed when Duane Howard landed on top of his car in the homestretch melee, the team took some time off, got a new frame and returned to action. They struggled a while, but had the car in top notch running order on Saturday night and his “dream finally came true” – he got to victory lane in the division. He thanked all his sponsors for sticking with them and making everything possible. He now has three more wins to go to tie his father Rick in the career win list. The Royersford racer collected a $2900 payday which included $250 from T.P. Trailers and a $150 product award from VP Racing Fuels.

Allentown radio personality Bobby Gunther Walsh led for the first ten laps before Kyle Weiss spun in the second turn for the first caution. On the restart Buckwalter put the H.G. Associates powered mount at the head of the pack.

Buckwalter quickly built up a comfortable margin by the Dan’s Deli  -way leader bonus over second through fifth-place runners Gunther Walsh, Jon Kellner, Mike Laise and Jordan Umbenhauer.

Four-time feature winner Doug Manmiller spun in the fourth turn for the second and final caution on the 20th lap to erase Buckwalter’s commanding lead. Buckwalter hung tough and held onto the lead when action resumed, but now Kellner, Umbenhauer, Craig VonDohren and Laise were in pursuit. Trying to get into a top five spot was last week’s feature winner Duane Howard and he did on the 23rd lap.

Kellner and VonDohren battled for second for four laps before VonDohren finally cleared him with one lap to go.

Buckwalter kept all challengers behind him and went on to score a crowd-pleasing triumph. Chasing him across the line were VonDohren, Kellner, Umbenhauer and Howard. Rounding out the top ten were Jeff Strunk, Laise, Nate Christman, Mike Gular, coming from the 21st spot and Frank Cozze. Todd Smith received the Cargo Trailers product gift certificate.

Buckwalter, Laise, Ray Swinehart and Don Norris Jr. were the heat winners. After winning the third heat, Swinehart’s engine erupted and he was finished for the night. Consolation race victories went to Terry Meitzler and Gular. There were 34 Modifieds on hand trying for one of the 28 feature starting spots.

Randy Stoudt, the all-time leading late model feature winner, won his third 25-lap NASCAR BRC feature of the season behind the wheel of the Taylor White and Wanda Brown-owned No. 22 and picked up an additional $100 from T.P. Trailers for his efforts.

Rookie and polesitter Cory Merkel took the early lead at the drop of the green trailed by Lou Egrie Jr., Joe Fanelli, Kory Fleming and bill Henning.

Fleming advanced to second on the fifth lap to challenge C. Merkel for the top spot.

C. Merkel was able to hold off Fleming’s bids until the Dan’s Deli  -way leader mark when Fleming charged past him.

One lap later Stoudt moved into the runner-up spot and began challenging Fleming for first.

Stoudt moved to the outside lane coming off the fourth turn on the 19th circuit and was successful in becoming the new leader.

While Stoudt showed the way around the 1/3-mile banked clay oval, the battle for positions brewed between Fleming, Wayne Pfeil, Dan Green and Chuck Schutz, last week’s feature winner.

With three to go Pfeil made his way into second and took chase after teammate Stoudt.

It was Stoudt, who calls Pottstown home, leading the rest of the way as Pfeil, Fleming, Green and Schutz chased him across the line. Sixth through tenth were Jason Miller, Sean Merkel, Lou Egrie, C. Merkel and Rick Todorow.

S. Merkel and Lou Egrie Jr. won the heats.

The ninth win for Jared Umbenhauer didn’t come easy as he beat Kenny Gilmore by inches in the 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature in which he also received an extra $100 from T.P. Trailers.

Joe Masiado set the pace for two laps before rookie Brett Gilmore took the top spot and checked out.

The battle for the remaining spots was hot and heavy between Masiado, Sean Weiss, Tom “Elvis” Miller and Mike Lisowski.


Ryan Lilick brought out the first yellow when he spun in the second turn. It was still B. Gilmore, running the outside, ahead on the restart, but now Miller, in the low groove, was in pursuit of the lead.

Miller became the new leader at the Dan’s Deli   leader mark, but B. Gilmore stayed right with him trying to regain the top spot.

The yellow was thrown on the 16th lap for Brett Kressley stopped in the fourth turn with a flat left rear tire. He rejoined the pack after a quick pit stop. Umbenhauer, who overtook second the previous lap, moved into first when Miller suddenly slowed his pace and brought out the yellow on lap 18. The leader continued to be Umbenhauer on the restart, but now Kenny Gilmore overtook his son Brett to set his sights on Umbenhauer.

Umbenhauer and K. Gilmore put on quite a battle for the lead as K. Gilmore would nose ahead, but could never lead a lap as Umbenhauer was always in front at the line. B. Gilmore, Paul Kline and Brian Hirthler were dicing for third through fifth.

Coming in for the checkered K. Gilmore made one last charge, but it was Richland, PA’s Umbenhauer the victor in the Bashore-owned No. 5 by 0.037 seconds. It appeared B. Gilmore would have his best finish of the season in third, but was denied the chance as he found himself turned around in the fourth turn with Kressley and Jordan Henn also involved as they had nowhere to go to avoid the mishap. Hirthler, who was running fifth, managed to avoid contact and finish third followed by Lisowski and Brandon Whitmoyer. Kline, fourth at the time of B. Gilmore’s spun, managed to get sixth followed by Dean Bachman, Ryan Beltz, Erik Renninger and Ken Eckert Jr.

Heats were won by Miller, Masiado and Lisowski. Eckert Jr. won the consi.

PIT NOTE: With rain falling as close as Oley, officials and racers worked together to speed the events along and had the entire 15 event show completed before 10:30 p.m.


Hatfield Quality Meats Modified Feature (30 Laps): 1. Tim Buckwalter, 2. Craig VonDohren, 3. Jon Kellner, 4. Jordan Umbenhauer, 5. Duane Howard, 6. Jeff Strunk, 7. Mike Laise, 8. Nate Christman, 9. Mike Gular, 10. Frank Cozze, 11. Todd Smith, 12. Chris Esposito, 13. Jarred Miller, 14. Terry Meitzler, 15. Doug Manmiller, 16. Kyle Weiss, 17. Don Norris Jr., 18. Ryan Kunkle, 19. Bobby Gunther Walsh, 20. Kyle Borror, 21. Eric Biehn (alternate), 22. Chris Gambler, 23. Justin Grim, 24. Mike Kellner, 25. Andy Ressler, 26. Kevin Hirthler, 27. Brian Houseknecht, 28. Tommy Scheetz, alternate. DNQ: Ryan Grim, John Willman, Ron Seltmann Jr. and Kevin Hartnett.


Hatfield Quality Meats BRC Late Model Feature (25 Laps): 1. Randy Stoudt, 2. Wayne Pfeil, 3. Kory Fleming, 4. Dan Green, 5. Chuck Schutz, 6. Jason Miller, 7. Sean Merkel, 8. Lou Egrie, 9. Cory Merkel, 10. Rick Todorow, 11. Joe Fanelli, 12. Lou Egrie Jr., 13. John Giesler, 14. Bill Henning, 15. Steve Wilson, 16. Buddy Mertz, 17. Dave Ogin. DNS: Tony Giglio.

Hatfield Quality Meats Sportsman Feature (25 Laps): 1. Jared Umbenhauer, 2. Kenny Gilmore, 3. Brian Hirthler, 4. Mike Lisowski, 5. Brandon Whitmoyer, 6. Paul Kline, 7. Dean Bachman, 8. Ryan Beltz, 9. Erik Renninger, 10. Ken Eckert Jr., 11. Jim Housworth, 12. Doug Snyder, 13. Ryan Lilick, 14. Guy Germano, 15. Sean Weiss, 16. Jason Neidlinger, 17. Brett Gilmore, 18. Brett Kressley, 19. Jordan Henn, 20. Mark Behm, 21. Tom Miller, 22. Joe Masiado, 23. Joe Funk II, 24. Craig Whitmoyer. DNQ: Lex Shive, Kevin Dries, Josh Adams, Jamie Undercoffler.

                Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and


BECHTELSVILLE, PA July 21, 2014. . . The results of the second Open Wheel Spectacular at Grandview Speedway have been written in the record books.  While that chapter may be closed, it is not likely that the talk about this racing event will end any time soon.  

Race fans saw Steve Buckwalter set a blistering pace on his way to his second consecutive win in American Racing Drivers Club (ARDC) action on the high banks of the Grandview Speedway Sunday night.  The Tri-State Race Savers (TSRS) Sprint Car feature saw three different leaders during the final six laps with multiple lead changes on several laps before Jeff Geiges took command and the win.

                 Current ARDC point leader, Steven Drevicki and Alex Bright led the field of wingless midgets to the green flag with Bright using the outside line to take the lead on lap one.  Bright ran and hid from the field as he extended his lead lap after lap.  Bright was already reeling in the back of the field by lap eight as Drevicki, Brenden Bright, Tim Buckwalter and Ryan Watt raced in the top five.

                But disaster would strike for the young Collegeville, PA driver on lap eleven.  Bright was preparing to negotiate his way through lapped traffic when contact was made between the Lightcap Electric #77 and the car driven by Eric Heydenreich.  Bright took a wild ride in turn two before coming to rest on the inside of the track.  Bright exited the car uninjured but his bid for his third ARDC win of the season ended before the half way mark.

                Drevicki took the lead on the restart as Brenden Bright and Tim Buckwalter battled for second in front of Watt.  Tim Buckwalter took over second when the pair raced through turn three.  Steve Buckwalter slid into third before the half way mark.  After a two lap battle with Tim Buckwalter, Steve Buckwalter moved up to second.  The caution waved for Tyler Brehm who sat on the infield just off of turn four.

                Drevicki now had Steve Buckwalter on his back bumper for the single file restart.  Drevicki led through lap fifteen but Buckwalter took the lead for good on the next go round.

                Drevicki held off Tim Buckwalter's challenges to finish second.  Brenden Bright followed S. Buckwalter, Drevicki and T. Buckwalter across the finish line with Kyle Lick completing the top five at the checkered.

                Kyle Purks and Rick Stief paced the field of TSRS Sprint Cars to the green flag with Purks quickly exerting his muscle to take the lead.

A red flag brought the racing to a half on the first lap as Scott Frack made hard contact with the wall coming out of turn two before going over.  Frack escaped injury but his race ended prematurely on this night.  Adam Carberry, the feature winner in the first Sunday night Open Wheel Spectacular, exited the race as a result of wing damage incurred in the same incident.  Tim Tanner, who was the TSRS point leader coming into this race, exited under the lap one stop with motor issues.

                Purks went into the lead on the complete restart and caught the rear of the field on lap six.  Even with lapped traffic to hinder his progress, Purks continued to pull away.  With ten laps complete, Jeff Gieges ran in second and began to close the gap on Purks while two time TSRS Champion, Mike Haggenbottom raced in third.

                Stef Palmai drew a caution when she ran into problems with seventeen laps complete, setting up a single file restart with just eight laps left to run.

                Purks had Geiges, Haggenbottom, Tom Carberry Jr. and Ryan Stillwaggon lined up nose to tail right behind him as he led the field back to green flag racing.

                And then things got interesting.  Purks led lap eighteen as Geiges took a look to the inside.  Haggenbottom took his car to the outside, passed Geiges for second and then took the lead from Purks to lead lap nineteen.  Purks came right back to take the lead as the field exited turn two.  Haggenbottom was back in front as he and Purks crossed the line on the next lap but the lead changed hands around the speedway.  Haggenbottom was scored as the race leader on laps twenty-one through lap twenty-three when Jeff Geiges overtook Purks for second and then passed Haggenbottom for the lead.  Haggenbottom fought back and regained the lead momentarily before Geiges took the lead and led the way to the checkered flag.

  It was Geiges for the win followed by Haggenbottom, T. Carberry, Purks and Brennflect.

                The third Open Wheel Spectacular of the season is set for Sunday, August 31st again featuring the TSRS Sprints and ARDC Midgets. Racing will start at 7:30 p.m.

                This Saturday, July 26th, 7:30 p.m. Atlas Paving Corporation of Wayne, NJ will sponsor the night which will feature the Pepsi-Bashore Challenge One-on-One Modified Challenge races along with a full card of NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stock cars. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. and as the gates are opened the popular Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet will be presented featuring modified standout Duane Howard along with father and son Late Model racers Lou Egrie Sr. and Jr. Again this Saturday fans will have the opportunity to win valuable tickets for the NASCAR race events being presented at Pocono Raceway on August 2nd and 3rd topped by the GoBowling 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Tickets are courtesy of WNPV-1440AM Radio of Lansdale and Pocono Raceway.

 ARDC WINGLESS MIDGET FEATURE RESULTS (25 LAPS) 1. Steve Buckwalter 2. Steven Drevicki 3. Tim Buckwalter 4. Brenden Bright 5. Kyle Lick 6. Nick Wean 7. Trevor Kobylarz 8. Brett Arndt 9. PJ Gargiulo 10. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr. 11. Tony DiMattia 12. Tommy Kunsman Jr. 13. Austin Burke 14. Clayton Glassman 15. Brian Gilmore 16. Greg Fitzpatrick 17. Ryan Watt 18. Tyler Brehm 19. Alex Bright 20. Eric Heydenreich 21. Brett Wanner


HILBORN TRI-STATE RACE SAVER 305 WINGED SPRINT CAR FEATURE (25 LAPS) 1. Jeff Geiges 2 Mike Haggenbottom 3. Tommy Carberry Jr. 4. Kyle Purks 5. Jon Brennflect 6. Ryan Stillwaggon 7. Rick Stief 8.. Jon Haegele 9. Bryant Davis 10. Mike Esposito 11. Eddie Wager 12. Dave Brown 13. Sean Kirkpatrick 14. Stephanie Stevens 15. Dave Graber 16. Mares Stellfox 17. Scott Krauss 18. Ian Detweiler 19. Harris Kohen 20. Stef Palmai 21. Karl Freyer 22. Shane Smith 23. Tim Tanner 24. Scott Frack 25. Adam Carberry

Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and


BECHTELSVILLE, PA. June 1, 2014 . . .  It may have taken Duane Howard and the Mike Petruska-owned/Atlas Paving No. 66 NASCAR 358 modified team a few weeks to get things ironed out at Grandview Speedway, but once they did Howard, the five-time point champion, was back in a place he’s grown accustomed to – victory lane. “After starting deep in the pack three weeks ago, the Petruska’s found something and made adjustments. Since then I’ve had a fast hot rod ever since,” commented the current point leader after winning his second straight 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Modified feature on Saturday night. Howard said, “The competition is always strong here every week and I was able to deal with the side-by-side racing of the lapped traffic.” He finished by a comfortable margin over second-place finisher Kevin Hirthler who earned his best finish of the season.

Sean Merkel won his third 25-lap NASCAR BRC Late Model feature by a healthy margin over runner-up Randy Stoudt.

The 25-lap NASCAR sportsman feature winner, the race went non-stop, for the fourth time this season was defending point champion and current point leader Jared Umbenhauer.

NASCAR stock car racing returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday, June 7th with the T.P. Trailers of Limerick sponsored night of action. Featured will be the NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BCR Late Models and Sportsman. Racing action gets the green at 7:30 p

T.P. Trailers, Limerick, cash awards went to Howard, $250 while Merkel and Umbenhauer received $100. The Dan’s Deli  -leader award winners were Brad Arnold, modified; Merkel, late model and Joe Masiado, sportsman. The Cargo Trailers product certificates were received by Mike Gular, modified; John Giesler, late model and Mike Stringer, sportsman. The top finisher in each division feature that was using VP Racing gasoline earned $150 for modifieds, $100 for late models and $75 for sportsman.

Andy Ressler wasted no time charging into the lead at the start of the modified feature.

Rookie racer Brad Arnold moved into second on the fourth lap to challenge Ressler for the top spot.

Nate Christman clipped the second turn guardrail and continued before he stopped in the fourth turn for the first yellow with ten laps scored. On the restart Arnold outgunned Ressler for the lead. By this time Howard advanced from 15th into third while Chris Esposito and John Willman completed the top five.

Ressler was back in front one lap later when Arnold went high off of turn four.

The lead was short-lived for Ressler when Arnold regained first on lap 13.

First and second on the 14th lap was Ressler and Howard as Arnold began fading.

Howard was the new leader on the 15th lap while Ressler, Esposito, Willman and Hirthler battled for second through fifth.

Within five laps Howard built up a sizeable lead while the four-way battle for second behind him was a highly contested one between Willman, Esposito, Ressler and Hirthler.

Arnold’s fine run ended when he slowed in the third turn forcing a caution on the 22nd lap. Howard held his own when action continued followed by Willman, Hirthler, Esposito and 14th place starter Frank Cozze.

The field regrouped for the final time with five to go when Eric Biehn stopped with a flat tire to bring out the caution. It was still Howard in command, but now Hirthler was second to attempt to overtake him.

Howard never faltered and pulled into the winner’s circle trailed by Hirthler, Cozze, Willman and Doug Manmiller, who came from 22nd after having to run the consi in which he won.

Arnold, Tommy Scheetz III and Ressler won the heats. The consi went to Manmiller.

In late model action Steve butler led for two laps until the 2005 point champion Ron Kline overtook him on the third lap restart needed for a fourth turn multi-car incident created when a car got sideways and everyone scrambled.

The action behind Kline was hot and heavy between Bryon Sipe, Dan Green, Butler and Jason Miller.

Sipe spun in the second turn for the sixth lap yellow with Chuck Schutz and Butler also involved. Kline continued his pace on the restart with Green, Merkel, Schlosberg and Lou Egrie in pursuit.

On the 12th lap Green slowed his pace in the second turn. Cars went in every direction to avoid him, but Lou Egrie rode up over him bringing out the yellow.

Merkel became the new leader on the 13th lap, at first on the restart he tried to duck underneath Kline, but quickly moved to outside to make the pass.

Kline, who was having his best run of the season, spun in the fourth turn for the lap 16 yellow. It was still Merkel ahead when action went green again with defending point champion Jason Miller now in second followed by current point leader Randy Stoudt, Wayne Pfeil, last week’s feature winner and Schlosberg.

Miller relinquished the runner-up spot to Stoudt when mechanical issues sidelined him to the infield.

Stoudt tried to reel Merkel in, but to no avail as Merkel continued his rapid pace.

It was Merkel in front at the checkered trailed by Stoudt, Pfeil, Schlosberg and Bill Henning.

Kline and Pfeil won the heats.

Joe Masiado, running the high lane, was the early race leader in the sportsman feature with Guy Germano making a run for first on the inside.

While Masiado and Germano diced for the lead this allowed 13th place starter Brett Kressley to close in on them to join the mix.

Kressley overtook second on the 12th lap and two laps later he was in front.

Umbenhauer, who started 14th, overtook second on the 15th lap and it wasn’t long before he was on Kressley’s bumper.

Lapped traffic came into the picture by the 17th circuit and the front runners didn’t know which lane to choose.

Umbenhauer used the slower cars to his advantage when Kressley got caught behind one and Umbenhauer shot into first on the 19th lap.

Once Umbenhauer was ahead he never looked back and went on to chalk up another win trailed by Kressley, Craig Whitmoyer, last week’s feature winner, Germano and Kenny Gilmore. Brandon Whitmoyer, Masiado, Ryan Lilick, Joe Funk II and Mike Stringer completed the top ten.

Heats were won by Lilick, Masiado and Whitmoyer.


NASCAR 358 MODIFIED FEATURE (30 Laps): 1. Duane Howard, 2. Kevin Hirthler, 3. Frank Cozze, 4. John Willman, 5. Doug Manmiller, 6. Jeff Strunk, 7. Craig von Dohren, 8. Chris Esposito, 9. Kyle Weiss, 10. Mike Gular, 11. Andy Ressler, 12. Jon Kellner, 13. Brian Houseknecht, 14. Nate Christman, 15. Jordan Umbenhauer, 16. Kyle Borror, 17. Tommy Scheetz III, 18. Mike Kellner, 19. Todd Smith, 20. Don Norris Jr., 21. Ron Seltmann Jr., 22. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 23. Eric Biehn, 24. Brad Arnold, 25. Ryan Grim, 26. Kyle Follweiler, 27. Ray Swinehart. 28. Terry Meitzler. DNQ: Justin Grim, Ryan Kunkel and Mike Laise.

BRC LATE MODEL FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. Sean Merkel, 2. Randy Stoudt, 3. Wayne Pfeil, 4 Sam Schlosberg, 5. Bill Henning, 6. Kory Fleming, 7. Rick Todorow, 8. Steve Wilson, 9. Chuck Schutz, 10. John Giesler, 11. Bryon Sipe, 12. Cory Merkel, 13. Buddy Mertz, 14. Jason Miller, 15. Ron Kline, 16. Lou Egrie Jr, 17. Dan Green, 18. Lou Egrie, 19. Joe Fanelli, 20. Steve Butler.

SPORTSMAN FEATURE (25 Laps): 1. Jared Umbenhauer, 2. Brett Kressley, 3. Craig Whitmoyer, 4. Guy Germano, 5. Kenny Gilmore, 6. Brandon Whitmoyer, 7. Joe Masiado, 8. Ryan Lilick, 9. Joe Funk II, 10. Mike Stringer, 11. Brian Hirthler, 12. Ryan Beltz, 13. Brett Gilmore, 14. Jim Housworth, 15. Ken Eckert, 16. Kevin Beach, 17. Kaitie McCardle, 18. Jordan Henn, 19. Ron Krex, 20. Erik Renninger, 21. Tom Miller, 22. Kevin Dries, 23. Sean Weiss, 24. Jamie Undercoffler.

Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at Also on Twitter97@grandviewspeedway and


BECHTELSVILLE, PA May 22, 2014 . . . Two nights of auto racing will fill the Memorial Day weekend with action and excitement at NASCAR sanctioned Grandview Speedway kicking off with Saturday night stock car racing.

                Current point leaders Jeff Strunk (NASCAR 358 Modifieds), Randy Stoudt (BRC Late Models) and Jared Umbenhauer (Sportsman) will lead the action in the Whelen Engineering sponsored night of racing starting at 7:30 p.m on Saturday night. At least 12 events of racing will make up the night’s excitement. WEEU-830 AM radio will be doing a live broadcast from the track. Brad Arnold, a Modified racer, sponsored by the Reading radio station will have his race car on display and will participate in autograph and interview sessions in the WEEU broadcast tent.

                Modified racer Ray Swinehart, Late Model racer Bill Henning and Sportsman racer Craig Whitmoyer will participate in the Low Down & Dirty Meet and Greet when the main gate opens at 5:30 p.m.

                The first 150 adult fans through the gate will receive a free ticket for the June 7th ARCA race at Pocono Raceway and there will be a couple of lucky fans walking off with tickets to the Pocono 400 Sprint Cup race.

                Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters 12 and under are admitted free.

                Then on Sunday, 7:30 p.m. a huge seven feature program will make up the first Thunder on the Hill Series event of the season. Included in the night of variety racing will be two URC Sprint features, two 358 Modified features plus single features for Sportsman, ARDC Midgets and Legends. There will be no qualifying heat races. The Memorial Day eve special event will give fans a chance to see five different types of auto racing all for the price of one ticket.

                Fans showing up early for the Sunday show, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., are invited to take part in the Fanfest with the first 500 fans getting a free hot dog, chips and a soda. There will be a DJ, games with prizes, pit tours and pre-race autograph sessions.

                Admission is just $20 while youngsters 6 through 11 pay $10. Children under 6 are admitted free.

                There is a Monday, May 26th rain date in place.

                Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at


BECHTELSVILLE, PA. – Mother Nature finally cooperated after two consecutive weeks of rain and racing returned to the 1/3-mile high banks of Grandview Speedway on Saturday night  with all the excitement being telecast on RCN-TV.

            Seven time and defending Modified champion Craig VonDohren of Oley, PA took his first win of the season in the 30-lap NASCAR 358 Modified feature race while Brett Kressley, who calls Orefield, PA home, won his second 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature race of the season. Sam Schlosberg, Green Lane, PA, earned his first 25-lap Late Model feature victory.

            NASCAR stock car racing action returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday (May 24) at 7:30 p.m. when Whelen Engineering presents a tripleheader card of 358 Modified, Late Model and Sportsman racing action. WEEU-830AM will broadcast the racing live.

In the Saturday night action Doug Manmiller appeared to have left off where his streak was snapped before the weather intervened and was two laps short of winning his fourth NASCAR Whelen All-American Series 30-lap Modified feature.

Fate wouldn’t have it that way since Manmiller, left with nowhere to go, got collected by the spinning car of Kyle Follweiler when he exited the third turn bringing out the caution.

Defending point champion Craig VonDohren, who started 22nd after winning the consi, was second and now inherited the lead. He kept his self-owned, Beartown Recycling/K.L. Harring Transportation No. 1C in front until he pulled into victory lane for his first win of the season to become the fourth different winner in 2014.

“I was almost ready to give up after an early heat incident made me mad and forced me to miss the invert, commented VonDohren, but I just kept digging as my car was loose, but then got tight when I changed my line. It was a shame for Doug, but that’s part of the game.” His efforts netted him $2500, plus $250 from T.P. Trailers, Limerick and $150 from VP Fuels for running VP gas.

Ron Seltmann Jr. set the pace at the wave of the green.

The red was thrown on the third lap when Bobby Gunther-Walsh spun in turn four. Cars scrambled and Andy Ressler rolled. Also involved were Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk and Ray Swinehart. All drivers were uninjured and able to continue except Gunther-Walsh and Ressler. On the restart Seltmann Jr.was still in command trailed by Jon Kellner, Manmiller, who started 15th; Kevin Hirthler and Kyle Weiss.

Kellner became the new leader on the second fifth lap restart. First Mike Laise, Tommy Scheetz III and Mike Gular, the point leader going into the event, tangled in the third turn with Gular and Scheetz III eliminated. The next try saw a fourth turn accident that involved Mike Kellner, Don Norris Jr. and Eric Biehn.

Manmiller, seeking his fourth win of the season,cleared Seltmann Jr. on the tenth lap and set sail after Kellner. Manmiller closed in on Kellner by the 20th lap and the pair engaged in a fierce side-by-side battle that made for some great RCN-TV action.

A new leader emerged on the 21st lap when Manmiller cleared Kellner to show the way.

Behind Manmiller and Kellner, VonDohren and Hirthler had their own race for third with Weiss in the mix.

With two laps to go, Follweiler was already spinning when Manmiller came charging out of the third turn. Left with nowhere to go since he had a full head of steam built up, Manmiller collided with Follweiler and spun and both were eliminated for the final yellow.

Manmiller’s misfortune was a break for VonDohren running second and now the new leader.

VonDohren kept the Nick Gatto powered/PPB/Bicknell mount ahead the rest of the way to pull into the winner’s circle for his 88th career win. Posting second for his best finish of the season was Kellner followed by Howard, coming back after the third lap accident; Hirthler and Jordan Umbenhauer. Weiss, Ryan Grim, Swinehart, Strunk and Borror completed the top ten.

BRC Late Model action saw Sam Schlosberg become the new leader on the 19th lap after Wayne Pfeil’s engine finally expired after smoking heavily since the eighth lap. Schlosberg, who hadn’t won since August 10, 2013, held off Randy Stoudt’s bids to win the 25-lap feature in his unsponsored No. 70 to become the fourth different winner. Schlosberg had difficulty seeing since he ran out of tear-offs and kept smearing his helmet. He also received an additional $100 from TP Trailers, Limerick.

Pfeil wasted no time pulling away on the initial green trailed by Steve butler, Rick Todorow, Kory Fleming and Dan Green.

As heavy smoke bellowed from Pfeil’s car he still managed to build up a full straightway lead over the four-way battle for second between Butler, Fleming, Schlosberg and Todorow.

Schlosberg overtook second on the 14th lap and took chase after Pfeil.

On the 19th lap, Pfeil slowed in the first turn and headed to the infield, but the yellow was still thrown. Schlosberg was now the new leader and had his hands full with Stoudt’s bids.

Schlosberg held off all challengers and went on to claim the victory followed by Stoudt, Fleming, Chuck Schutz and Sean Merkel. Rounding out the top ten were Ron Kline, Jason Miller, John Giesler, Lou Egrie and Bill Henning.

Pfeil, Merkel and Todorow were the heat winners.

The 25-lap NASCAR Sportsman feature had a bout of yellow fever. It certainly had plenty of action though as eventual winner Brett Kressley and runner-up Craig Whitmoyer raced side-by-side from the eighth lap with neither one giving up until the drop of the checkered. Kressley, who picked up his second win of the season, which he certainly earned, thanked Whitmoyer for racing him “clean” the entire time. Kressley also received $100 from T.P. Trailers.

Whitmoyer took the early lead and one lap later the yellow was out when Guy Germano and Brandon Whitmoyer spun in the third turn. The restart was void for an 11-car fourth turn accident. The leader continued to be Whitmoyer when racing went green again.

Kressley advanced to second on the sixth lap and set his sights on Whitmoyer. When Whitmoyer went high heading into the fourth turn, Kressley pulled a slider on him and overtook the lead. Whitmoyer didn’t give up though and the duo were door handle to door handle. Several times Whitmoyer tried to dive under Kressley, but couldn’t muster up enough power.

Kressley, who “likes to run up top to get to the front,” held his line while Whitmoyer made several runs on the inside and despite all of valiant attempts to regain the lead, Kressley kept Whitmoyer behind him and went on to claim the win with Whitmoyer a close second. Gilmore, finished third a spot he overtook with five laps to go followed by Umbenhauer and Kaitie McCardle, for her best run of the season. Erik Renninger, Brian Hirthler, Jim Housworth, Ken Eckert Jr. and Joe Funk II were sixth through tenth.

At the end of the night nine time track champion Jeff Strunk had 1422 points to lead the 358 Modified standings by just 11 points over Duane Howard. Randy Stoudt is tops in the Late Model standings by just 23 points over Chuck Schutz and Jared Umbenhauer has a 82 point lead over Brett Kressley in the battle for the Sportsman title.

Special Awards

Dan’s Deli  -way leader award winners were Kellner, Modified; Wayne Pfeil, Late Model and Kressley, Sportsman.

Cargo Trailers certificates went to Kyle Borror, Modified; Bill Henning, Late Model and Funk II, Sportsman.

VP Racing Gasoline product awards went to the top finisher in each division using VP Racing Gasoline and carrying the proper VP decals and patches.

Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at


 358 Modified Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Craig Von Dohren, 2. Jon Kellner, 3. Duane Howard, 4. Kevin Hirthler, 5. Jordan Umbenhauer, 6. Kyle Weiss, 7. Ryan Grim, 8. Ray Swinehart, 9. Jeff Strunk, 10. Kyle Borror, 11. Ron Seltmann Jr., 12. Terry Meitzler, 13. Don Norris Jr., 14. Eric Biehn, 15. Justin Grim, 16. Doug Manmiller, 17. Kyle Follweiler, 18. Mike Laise, 19. Chris Gambler, 20. Chris Esposito, 21. Mike Kellner, 22. John Willman, 23. Tommy Scheetz, 24. Mike Gular (provisional), 25. Bobby Gunther-Walsh, 26. Andy Ressler, 27. Todd Smith, 28. Tim Buckwalter, 29. Lou Cicconi. DNQ: Brian Houseknecht, Meme DeSantis, Frank Cozze and Brad Arnold.

Late Model Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Sam Schlosberg, 2. Randy Stoudt, 3. Kory Fleming, 4. Chuck Schutz, 5. Sean Merkel, 6. Ron Kline, 7. Jason Miller, 8. John Giesler, 9. Lou Egrie, 10. Bill Henning, 11. Steve Butler, 12. Joe Fanelli, 13. Dirk Rimrott, 14. Dan Green, 15. Wayne Pfeil, 16. Cory Merkel, 17. Rick Todorow, 18. Bryon Sipe, 19. Buddy Mertz, 20. Steve Wilson, 21. George Irwin. DNS: Dave Ogin.

Sportsman Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Brett Kressley, 2. Craig Whitmoyer, 3. Kenny Gilmore, 4. Jared Umbenhauer, 5. Kaitie McCardle, 6. Erik Renninger, 7. Brian Hirthler, 8. Jim Housworth, 9. Ken Eckert Jr., 10. Joe Funk, 11. Jordan Henn, 12. On Krex, 13. Brett Gilmore, 14. Chris Jenkins, 15. Dave Bartram, 16. Sean Weiss, 17. Lex Shive, 18. Mike Stringer, 19. Ryan Lilick, 20. Tom Miller, 21. Dean Bachman, 22. Ryan Beltz, 23. Guy Germano, 24. Brandon Whitmoyer.                                                                                    ######

BECHTELSVILLE, PA May 14, 2014 . . . The Mother’s Day celebration continues at Grandview Speedway on Saturday night. Rain washed out last Saturday night’s Mother’s Day celebration NASCAR stock car racing action so they will try again this Saturday, 7:30 p.m. with a tripleheader card of NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman.

                And because of the rainout the bouquets of wooden roses will be given out to the first 250 moms through the main gate this Saturday night. The first 150 adults through the gate will receive a free ticket to the ARCA 200 at Pocono set for Saturday afternoon, June 7th. And the oldest mom (the one wanting to admit to being the oldest) and the youngest mom will each win two tickets for a future racing event at Grandview Speedway.

                When action gets underway point leader Mike Gular will be leading the NASCAR 358 Modifieds while six time champion and current point leader Randy Stoudt will lead the Late Models. Stoudt needs only to win one more Late Model feature to become the all-time leading Late Model feature winner at Grandview. Two time and defending champion Jared Umbenhauer, a three feature winner so far this season, will head up the Sportsman action. At least 12 events of racing will make up the night’s entertainment which will be taped by RCN4 TV and shown later in the week.

                Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. and at the same time the weekly Low Down & Dirty Meet and Greet will take place in the main gate area featuring Jordan Umbenhauer, Jason Miller and Dean Bachman. Adult admission is $15 while youngsters 12 and under are admitted free. Active military personnel with proper ID will be admitted FREE. Pit admission, a NASCAR license is required, is $30.

                The Outlaw Enduro racers will be back in action on Sunday, May 18th, 1 p.m. with two 150-lap features for the big and small cars. In addition the Blast from the Past Vintage cars will be featured in two 15-lap features. Adult admission is $10 while children 12 and under are admitted FREE.

                Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at

Press Releases and Results / PRx - Sunday Grandview Speedway Rainout
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EARLY DAY RAIN AND FORECAST FOR MORE BAD WEATHER FORCES GRANDVIEW TO CANCEL SUNDAY OPEN WHEEL SPECTACULAR, NASCAR STOCK CARS BACK IN ACTION ON SATURDAY, MAY 10 BECHTELSVILLE, PA May 4, 2014 . . . . Rain early in the day and a forecast for more rain and heavy winds forced promoter Bruce Rogers to cancel the first Open Wheel Spectacular of the season at Grandview Speedway on Sunday. The ARDC wingless midgets and TSRS sprints were scheduled to take part in the doubleheader show. The next Open Wheel Spectacular is scheduled for Sunday, June 22nd.             The Sunday rainout was the second weather related cancellation of the weekend as the tripleheader NASCAR stock car racing show scheduled for Saturday (May 3) was also lost to rain.             Stock car racing returns to Grandview Speedway on Saturday, May 10th when the Pritchard Bieler Gruver & Willison PC (Colmar, PA) sponsored night of racing will include the NASCAR 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman along with the extra added attraction of Blast from the Past Vintage Cars. Spectator gates open at 5:30 p.m. with racing at 7:30 p.m. As usual the Low Down & Dirty Meet and Greet will feature a driver and car from each division at the main gate as the gates swing open.             Several of the racers will be carrying Haley’s Purple Lupus ribbons on their cars. Haley is a 16-year-old who battles Lupus and just happens to be a big fan of dirt track racing at Grandview. The month of May is Lupus Awareness Month. Grandview Speedway is located on Passmore Road, just off Route 100, in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. For information check in at or telephone 610.54.7688.
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